Il Sillabo in
   San Giovanni

  • Founded in 1996
  • Office Manager: Erica Ferrari
  • Cell: +39 333 9379126
  •            Skype Meā?¢!



What were we thinking when we decided to establish an Italian school for foreigners? Our hearts were already focused on a mission to teach Italian, to be able to talk about ourselves and our country with people coming from far away, people who have learnt things but aspire to deepen their knowledge. People who have already heard Italian and about Italy but who now want to taste it, listen to its sounds, see colours and shapes, touch the texture and smell the fragrance ...

And how to do all this without becoming too sentimental? Simple: with rigour and with passion. Our iron rules, our inspiration.

Because we are part of a family of teachers and intellectuals interested in art, we had to have a strong rigorous didactic structure, but precisely for this reason, the structure that does not get boring and does not make students only passive listeners. In short, we wanted to offer interesting and engaging lessons, lessons that can be effective, lessons from which students come out saying: ‘ what a pity it is already over! How come?’


With so much rigour and preparation. That's why we always require our teachers to have a Masters degree or a specialist one, even better if it’s combined with DITALS and TEFL. But this is not enough, we have always provided the teachers with an internal training to give them a proper insight into our teaching structure and to identify - and to feel if there is - a passion for teaching.

Thatā??s why making part of our school, working and living here, itā??s not only a job, itā??s a status, a modus vivendi, it means sharing ideas and ideals.

"That's why every time I see my teachers, even after years, thrilled before a lesson trying to find yet another new activity for specific students or asking their colleagues if this game or another can go well with a particular level, if that exercise is appropriate for this age group, if that role-play can be troublesome for a certain culture; every time I see this ferment among teachers who already have a plan for their lessons but still utilizing the last five minutes to give a touch of love and care to what they have prepared - every time I feel I am  in the right place, at the right time and doing the right thing.”
Anna Paola Bosi (director and founder of the school)